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Coalescer Cartridges

Applications for high flow coalescer cartridges include commerical marine vessels, marine fuel docks, loading racks, fuel storage terminals, pipelines and refineries.

Racor Hydrocarbon Coalescer Cartridges have been proven in military and commercial applications. They are widely used in industrial applications and meet numerous MIL-SPEC requirements. Racor coalescer cartridges are widely used by the U.S. Department of Defense at air bases and on board Aircraft carriers.

A large, pleated filtration surface area and thick, high density coalescing glass media deliver superior dirt holding capacity, excellent coalescing ability and clean, dry fuel to the end user. End cap configurations are compatible with common industry filtration vessels including Facet, Faudi, Velcon and Kaydon.

Racor manufacturers coalescer cartridges to fit most industry vessels. Please contact us for cross references, dimensions and cartridge specifications.

How They Work
Coalescer Cartridges feature a high-quality, pleated media and a fibreglass coalescing shell to maximise coalescence of free or emulsified water droplets and remove ultra-fine solids. Coalescer cartridges are installed in two-stage filter/separator as the primary stage in removing water and particles from hydrocarbon fluids.


    • Available in standard industry diameters and lengths.
    • Removes particulates and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fluids.
    • Multi-layered media increases contaminant holding capacity.
    • Water removal to less that 5PPM.
    • Glass-filled nylon end caps are standard, eliminating corrosion and offering excellent thermal stability and high impact resistance.
    • Maximum differential pressure = 75 PSID.
    • Maximum operating temperature = 240 deg.F (115 deg.C).
    • pH range from 5 to 9.
    • No perforated center tube allows 100% utilisation of the coalescing media. This eliminates media blinding often found in conventional coalescer design.
    • Standard construction contains no metal components. This allows spent cartridges to be easily crushed or incinerated to reduce disposal costs.
    • Buna-N gaskets standard, other types available per customer requirements.
    • Solids removal in a variety of micron ratings: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 & 25.
Coalescer Cartridges
Coalescer Cartridges