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Natural Gas Filtration

Prosep Filter Systems are able to offer a comprehensive range of ASME Section VIII, Div.1 and European Regulation 97/23/EG vessels suitable for use with Natural Gas, Amine sweating, Desiccant dehydration, Glycol dehydration, Compressor booster stations and Land fill gas filtration.

This range covers nozzle size from 2’’ to 10’’ (inclusive) and working pressures up to 1440psig. As standard vessels are constructed in Carbon Steel epoxy painted, but options exist for stainless steel if required.

An array of elements that offer everything from bulk liquid separation utilising a stainless steel mesh insert through to disposable high efficiency borosilicate glass micro fibre elements to 93% removal of 0.01um particles and aerosols (100% retention of 1um and above).

download pdf data sheet new range CE Marked High Pressure Vessels & Elements

download pdf data sheet Vessel Range data sheet

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Natural Gas Filtration