We are very proud to be a distributor for the Domnick Hunter Division of Parker Hannifin.

Domnick Hunter are one of the leading manufacturers of filtration equipment used in the food and beverage industry segments. Products such as Peplyn Plus have been well known in the industry for many years providing outstanding filtration performance and exceptional long filter life.  

A new range of stainless-steel filter housings has recently been introduced specifically designed for application-based use. These ranges are priced very competitively and cover a wide range of air and liquid applications. We can offer different levels of finish on these products from a mirror polish suitable for pharmaceutical use to a standard industrial grade finish.

The importance of filtration is even down to the washing and rinsing of the food and vegetables, but it isn’t just water treatment that is important in this industry, air filtration is also important.

Eliminating particles in the air such as fungus, bacteria, yeast and mould which can grow in bottled/packaged products ensures the final product has a longer shelf life and is up to health and safety standards. 

Breweries and distilleries are some of our top customers due to the high demand of liquid filtration products. Reverse osmosis is the most effective liquid filtration method in this industry, this is because Reverse Osmosis kills 99.9% of bacteria.