Marine Turbine Series

500 Series60 GPH (227 LPH) to 120 GPH (454 LPH)
900 Series90 GPH (341 LPH) to 180 GPH (681 LPH)
1000 Series180 GPH (681 LPH) to 540 GPH (2044 LPH)

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Marine Turbine Series

Turbine Series Electric Primer Pump

The Turbine Series Electric Primer Pump Kits can be retrofitted to many of the Racor 900 or 1000 series fuel filters already in service. The Filter Pump is an innovative and proprietary system consisting of a pre-screen filter, a flow bypass circuit and a roller cell pump powered by a DC motor. When the switch is activated the fuel is drawn into the pre-screen and then pumped through the housing, refilling the unit with fuel. When not in use the Filter Pump system is bypassed and the Racor fuel filter/water separator functions normally.

The RKP1912, 12V DC Kit, contains a traditional brushed motor design. The RKP1924, 24V DC Kit, contains innovative brushless motor technology.

The use of this primer pump kit allows the operator to easily re-prime the Racor Filter/Separator directly from the fuel storage tank with no mess

Turbine Series Turbine Series filter assemblies are designed to be installed on the vacuum side of the fuel transfer pump for best efficiency and protect precision engine components from dirt, rust, algae, asphaltines, varnishes, and especially water, which is prevalent in engine fuels. They remove contaminates from fuel using the following legendary three stage process:

Stage One: Separation As fuel enters the filter assembly, it moves through the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets which fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.

Stage Two: Coalescing small water droplets bead-up on the surface of the conical baffle and cartridge element. When heavy enough, they too fall to the bottom of the bowl.

Stage Three: Filtration Proprietary Aquabloc II cartridge elements repel water and remove contaminants from fuel down to two micron (nominal). They are waterproof and effective longer then water absorbing elements.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in several sizes to fit any application
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Installs quickly
  • Available in 2, 10 & 30 micron
  • Easy to service
  • Clear collection bowl
  • Self venting water drain

Optional accessories may include: water detection kits, 12 or 24 volt dc heaters, heavy-duty fuel hose and fittings. see Accessories section.

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