Prosep Washable Filter Cartridges

Own Brand Products

With over 40 years experience within the field of filtration we have been able to bring together a range of filtration products that we feel offer exceptional value for money and yet still meet the criteria of high performance and exacting standards.

The majority of these products are of UK or European manufactured origin which we feel helps us to maintain and control the standards that we have set. The products that we have available make up a range which is complimentary to the top branded products that we offer.

These products are market driven and offer what we consider to be the best option where performance is important and economics must be considered.

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AWS Washable FiltersAll Welded Stainless Steel Cartridges

AWS filter cartridges are suitable for applications that require a robust filter cartridge resistant to aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. AWS filter cartridges are constructed from 316L grade stainless steel and assembled without the use of resins or adhesives, all AWS filter cartridges are fully welded. The filter media is TiG seam welded and the media, centre core and end fittings assembled using the same procedures. AWS cartridges have an operating range of -150?C to +300?C and, in the case of pleated cartridges, up to 25 bar differential pressure.

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Washable Mesh Polypropylene Filter CartridgesWASHABLE MESH CARTRIDGES – Polypropylene

These cartridges are manufactured with the polyamide mesh permanently bonded onto the polypropylene body. They are particularly useful on cold water for removing rust and scale particles that might block or clog valves and nozzles. The cartridges are easily cleaned by removing from the filter housing and simply rinsing under running water.

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