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Racor FBO Filter AssemblyFBO Filter Assembly

Racor Hydrocarbon Filters’ new FBO-10 and FBO-14 filter assemblies were designed to meet the toughest hydrocarbon refueling conditions and give maintenance personnel ease of filter change outs. The FBO Assembly can flow 25 gpm/95 lpm or up to 60gpm/230 lpm depending on the unit, elements installed and fuels being filtered.


The FBO assembly can be used on mobile refuelers or installed in refueling cabinets. The unit can also be used for diesel fuel dispensing pumps or as a primary fuel filter/water separator for large diesel engines.

The assembly features a ‘locking ring collar’, which attaches the filter housing to the aluminum die cast filter head with four bolts. The slotted ‘locking ring collar’ allows maintenance personnel to hand loosen the four collar bolts, rotate and lower the bowl assembly for element change outs. With new element installed, simply raise the bowl and rotate into position on the locking ring and hand tighten evenly.

The closure hardware consists of stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers with metal hand knobs for ease of maintenance. No wrenches or other special tools required.

No V-Band Clamps are used allowing one person to easily change the filter element.

FBO-10 & FBO-14 – PDF


Racor Bulk Fuel FiltrationFuel Dispensing and Transfer Filtration

The RV Series vessels are designed to be used in bulk fuel storage, fuel dispensing, fuel transfer, and large engine applications.

The RV Series set up as a filter/water separator (RVFS), will remove emulsified free water and solids from diesel fuel, gasoline, and other hydrocarbon streams. When equipped with filter/water separator filters, water can be drained and removed from the RVFS sump.

When the RV Series is set up with a particulate filter it is designed to remove solid contaminants such as dirt, rust, scale, and other solid materials from a hydrocarbon fuel stream down to one micron.

Product Features:

    • CE Certified
    • 250 PSI ASME Code, Section VIII Construction Stamped and Certified
    • Inlet and Outlet Permanently Marked
    • Exterior: Grey Primer Coated or stainless steel
    • Leg Mounts or Wall Mounts
    • Optional Accessories Include: pressure relief valve, automatic air eliminator, drain valve, water-in-fuel sight glass, and differential pressure gauge.


RVFS Racor Fuel Dispensing & Transfer Filtration – PDF


RVFS Stainless Steel Series Racor Fuel FiltersCE Marked Stainless Steel Constructed Vessel

The RVFS Series filter vessels are designed to be used for diesel fuel dispensing, fuel transfer, and large engine applications. Their prime function is to remove water and dirt to reduce contamination levels, prolong engine life and keep engine applications running.

The RVFS SS CE Marked models have been introduced to work in modern European fuel environments with mixed bio diesel blends. The revised series is now completely fabricated in 304 stainless steel removing the need for internal or external painting, whilst improving fuel compatibility, cleanliness and durability. These stainless steel vessels will be available only in the CE marked construction code with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar (ASME coded vessels in steel are available on request for non-European applications).

The RVFS is used primarily as a filter/water separator, where two elements are installed into the vessel- 1x Coalescer element and 1x separator element.

This set up will remove emulsified free water and solids from diesel fuel, fuel oils, and other hydrocarbon streams. Water is collected in an internal sump area between the stage one and stage two elements. However the RVFS Series can also be used with a range of alternative filter elements including particulate filter elements, water absorbing elements and even clay bags.

Racor RVFS Stainless Steel Series – PDF

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