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If a filter cartridge relies upon particulate removal throughout the entire thickness of filter media it is termed a depth filter. Often the filter media in this style of cartridge is graded in density such that coarse particles are removed at the surface and finer particlate is removed at the typically denser core. This type of product is available in nominal and absolute ratings.

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Compressed Air Filters – PDF downloads

OIL-X Filtration AccessoriesAccessories for the Oil-X range of products
OIL-X Product Information Sheet - Grade ACSOIL-X Die-cast Aluminium Compressed Air Filters
Grade ACS In-line, Point of Use Oil Vapour Reduction Filters (1/4" - 4")
OIL-X Product Information Sheet - Grade AOOIL-X Die-cast Aluminium Compressed Air Filters
Grade AO General Purpose & Grade AA High Efficieny Coalescing & Dry Particulate Filters (1/4" - 4")
OIL-X Product Information Sheet - Grade WSOIL-X Die-Cast Aluminium Compressed Air Filters
Grade WS Water Separators / Liquid Separators (1/4" - 4")
CDAS Product Information SheetClean dry air systems. A range of dessicant dryers.
OFAS Product Information SheetParker Zander Oil Free Air Systems. ISO8573-1 Class 0 Quality Air
FBP Product Information SheetOil Free compressed air for the Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries. ISO 7183 and 8573-1 standard
SPS StarlettePlus-E Fridge Dryers SPS004 - SPS100Refridgeration dryer range. Connection sizes 1/2" to 1 1/2"
PSE PoleStar Smart-E Fridge Dryers PSE120 - PSE1800Refridgeration dryer range. Connection sizes 2" to 8"
ES2000 Oil Water SeparatorsRemoval of oil from compressed air condensate
Zander ED3000 Series EcoDrainRemoval of condensate from Compressed Air Filters

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